Stop Being Normal

Watch it on Youtube: (A Reminder For Myself) Stop being normal If you want to live outside of the box, stop being normal. The first step is to change your mindset and you can do that by changing your actions little by little. Start by creating something authentic. Even if

Failure is an Illusion

Check it Out On Youtube: Want to succeed? Get ready to look stupid. In fact, success IS being outside of the norm, so you have to risk embarrassment to do that. And you have to be willing to be embarrassed over and over again – sometimes in big ways –

How to Start a Business

How to Start a Business

Check it out on Youtube: 1) Find something people will pay you for 2) Sell that 3) Scale it I’m hesitant to tell other people how to do this, because I’m not sure if my way was the best way or only the way that worked for me. The one

Why I Live Simply

Check it out on Youtube: I tend to live very simply. I’m not against material things, it’s just that I like simplicity so I can focus on what matters to me. You might find this makes you a lot happier. For example: Simple clothes – in fact I hate to

Free Yourself

Check it out on Youtube: Creating Systems and Processes can free you from the mundane things in life. Quick notes on creating systems: 3 Steps: 1) Make Lists. 2) Leverage. 3) Find Underlying Principles What you’re doing is taking non-creative work that can be duplicated and creating efficiency or completely

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