Free Yourself

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Creating Systems and Processes can free you from the mundane things in life.

Quick notes on creating systems:

3 Steps:

1) Make Lists.
2) Leverage.
3) Find Underlying Principles

What you’re doing is taking non-creative work that can be duplicated and creating efficiency or completely automatizing it.

The three steps expanded:

1) Anything you do repeatedly, make a note of the steps you follow. (It won’t be perfect the first time.)
Example: Making Coffee

2) Figure out how to leverage these steps. Using technology, training someone else to do theses tasks, or refine processes so that they’re more effective.

Example: Set automaker so it’s already there in the morning.

3) Figure out what the underlying principle is. If you’re working with other people, make sure they understand so they can make decisions on their own.

Example: Timing things during certain times of day makes me more efficient.

Quick note: the idea of this is not to be a robot or some hyper-productive stressed out person. It’s to free up as much time as possible for doing the things you really want to do. So don’t aim for perfection at first and freak out at every little detail. That’s counterproductive.

So remember:

1) Make Lists.
2) Leverage.
3) Find Underlying Principles

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