How to Stop Being Lazy

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How to cure laziness – These techniques give me the motivation to work hard even though I’m lazy by nature. Here are 4 tips to overcome and get rid of laziness:

1 – Pick a huge vision of life.

How do I stop laziness? First I think in terms of systems, not goals. Have a general idea of what direction you want to move it, and make it huge, then adapt your systems to keep moving you in that direction.

If you want to cure laziness, make your system broad

2 – Select your environment wisely. No motivational speech is going to help you avoid laziness if you don’t fix your environment.

3 – Set up accountability systems – especially involving other people. This may be the biggest life hack to overcome laziness I know of.

4 – Build momentum through minimum viable action. The motivation you need to cure laziness is much easier to find when you’re already moving.

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