Stop Being Normal

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(A Reminder For Myself)

Stop being normal

If you want to live outside of the box, stop being normal.

The first step is to change your mindset and you can do that by changing your actions little by little.

Start by creating something authentic. Even if it’s very small. You can turn off the tv, write something and post it online. Or start a side-hustle. Or just go cut your neighbor’s lawn.

What you do doesn’t have to be grand at first – you’re just trying to break the pattern. You’re trying to think like a creator, over and over again, until you figure out what works for you.

So just create something – anything.

You’re organizing the world in a way that hasn’t existed before – leaving a unique wrinkle in the universe. This is a mark only you can leave, because no one is strange in exactly the same way as you.

Over time the world will start to reward you for being strange, if you can keep an eye out for the parts of your weirdness that other people are willing to pay you for. If you’re smart, you’ll pay attention to this traction when it happens, so that you can grow it and leverage it over time.

So stop being normal, and start paying attention to what interests you, and you’ll slowly figure out how that lines up with what other people need.

Sometimes you’ll get this right, and sometimes you’ll be way off the mark. When you miss the point just start again with something new. Keep learning who you are, embrace your strange self, and stop being normal.

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