A mini-post on mini-meditations

Extending on Monday’s meditation post, two things quickly become apparent when you start meditating:

  • It’s hard to carve out 20 or 30 minutes a day, every day and. . .
  • Sometimes you could use a little boost to keep your mind calmed

One thing I’ve been experimenting with in regard to both these things are “mini-meditations”, which can mean different things to different people. For some, it means taking only a few breaths. For me I need at least a few moments to have what I would consider any peace of mind, so I usually pick a time in between lessons and do this:

  • Retreat to a quiet room in my house.
  • Set a timer for around 5 or 10 minutes
  • Sit and concentrate on my breath.

This doesn’t get me in the same state as a 20 or 30 minute session, but it’s enough to calm my mind a bit, and lets me sit with whatever anxieties or thoughts have been conjured up so far in the day.

I still try to get a longer session in as often as possible – almost every day. But this will do in a pinch – give it a shot.

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