Bad Meditation Days

Bad MeditationWhat do you do when you can’t meditate?

As I continue my challenge of daily meditation, some days are awesome. I get into a peaceful tranquil zone. I’m calm and centered.

Some days suck. I fidget, scratch itches, adjust my seating. I can’t just sit still. Not even after several minutes.

What do you do on these days? Here are some solutions I’ve come up with:

  • Maybe my body is just telling it needs to release some energy. I normally practice breathe meditation, but I can try some dynamic meditation a la Elliot Hulse. (video here)
  • Another option is to practice acceptance. Accept that I feel a bit off or jittery, but allow myself to feel that and sit still anyway.
  • I can call it a miss and come back later in the day. One plus of having my accountability systems set up is that there’s a pretty solid chance I’ll get back around to it.

Of these three options, I prefer the first two. In fact, I think that practicing acceptance and sitting it out is generally good for me. (And for the most part if I stick it out I’ll slip into a more meditative state after 5 or 10 minutes anyway.)

What say you? What do you do when your meditation just isn’t taking?

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