E-mail and Other Addictions

E-mail AddictionOnly a couple days into this latest of my 12 habit challenges, and I’ve already learned something: I am seriously addicted to e-mail. I had no idea!

Some smart person has said “e-mail is other people’s plans for your time” . . . or something close. That is so true.

Where’d this revelation come from? Well mostly from the new challenge. You see, since I’m confident now I’ll go through the entire “processing” of all my stuff every day (or I’ll lose money) I rarely need to check my e-mail more than once or twice.

And it’s driving me crazy!!!

In fact, it’s nearly 8 in the evening and I haven’t checked my e-mail once. I’m not sure if I’ve done that since . . . since e-mail.

The first step in all of this processing is in fact “e-mail zero” so there’s an even greater twist. I’m actually responding more to all of my e-mails than I used to, even though I’m checking them very infrequently. Now I get it all done once, and then I actually close my e-mail client. This is huge. I feel totally disconnected.

Here are some reasons I, and you, might be sustaining an e-mail addiction:

  • It’s easier to check your e-mail than decide to do something big and scary today.
  • Checking your e-mail gives you the illusion you’re doing work.
  • Not having a thorough task management system makes you second guess if you need to get back to someone or get something done . . . so instead of planning your day well you just sort of keep checking your e-mail.
  • You feel guilty if you don’t respond to an e-mail fast.
  • Can you see how this is totally insane?!?

So for now I check my e-mail once a day. . . maybe twice for a quick fix. Surprisingly, the world hasn’t ended. I’ll keep you posted if it does.

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