Forcing Success by Doing What You Fear

fearI’m a big fan of implementing constraints and structures around your goals.

One way of creating structure that’s becoming very clear to me right now is to get out a minimum viable product as soon as possible. For me, that’s my e-book Music Studio Success, which was sitting on my hard drive for about a year before I put it up on Amazon.

After doing nothing, I’ve made two revisions to the entire book in only a week or so. And all of this just from seeing it making a few sales online.

Why didn’t I do this sooner? Well the main reason I can think of is fear. Fear not only of criticism, but of placing myself in a position where I would have to work hard to make everything pan out.

So I guess my lesson learned here is that success can involve putting yourself out there – and even learning from rejection and failure. It’s something I’ve always known intellectually, but I’m getting a more visceral sense of it now.

What about you? What fears have you faced? Has exposing yourself to criticism helped or hindered your growth?

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