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Who is your boss?

We all have bosses in our lives that we don’t want or need. Who is yours?

Is it society? Your friends? The expectations of others?

Maybe your boss is your bad habits or compulsions. Maybe it’s financial restraints. Maybe your boss is the unseen ghosts of your past; your parents and childhood experiences.

I call this site “No Boss Ninja” but that’s really a misnomer, because the boss should be you. This site represents my own attempts at taking control of my life – at being my own boss.

I’m not here to preach, but  to share.

My main credentials for writing here are that I have none. I’ve got all of my own day-to-day problems, strengths, and weaknesses. I hope you find some of what I’ve written here helpful in your own life.

If you find it helpful: I’ve divided my thoughts here into some sections by topic. Click below to view that topic:

Psychology, Motivation, Self-Improvement, Success, and So On

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Come along!

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Talk to you soon.