Sorry Typepad, It’s Not Me It’s You

Leaving TypePadIf you follow my site you may have noticed that I’m slowly migrating it over to WordPress after several  years on TypePad.

Pianoblog has always been an on and off blog for me – something that I’ve posted on when the mood strikes me. So the somewhat laborious move to WP is a breath of fresh air. I’ll be posting there more frequently and even marketing a couple of products down the road. And of course you’ll be hearing about that here on NoBossNinja.

Why did I leave TypePad? Well, sorry guys, but you just haven’t kept up.  There’s very little SEO control, no template flexibility, lots of downtime, and an insanely outdated user interface. And don’t get me started on the virtually non-existent plugins (compared to the gargantuan plugin community on WordPress!)

Let this be a warning to you!

Oh well . . .  Maybe this company will turn around but until then, I’m moving on with Piano Blog. Here’s to the memories!

But there’s a silver lining!

The good news though is that I’ll get to share all of my updates and this new PianoBlog  journey with my readers here on No Boss Ninja. Some of the things I’ll be doing in the near future:

  • Updating the look and feel of Piano Blog to attract readers and build a brand.
  • Increase my marketing for the blog.
  • Design new free and paid products for PianoBlog readers!

I’m really excited about this and I hope we can both learn something together as I build this blog. If you’ve ever wanted to start a site of your own, or even make some money on line, I think you’ll really enjoy following along. So make sure you check the NBN blog and my Case Studies and Tutorials for these updates.

Want to know more about the tools I use for my business and websites? Check out the new resource page.

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