How to Add Menus to Your WordPress Website

Here’s the second video in my tutorial on building a website for your small business on website:

A couple of links you might find helpful:

Siteground – the host I use to create my websites.

The previous intro video: How to Start your Website in Under Ten Minutes

Instructions for the Video Above:

1) Before making a menu, double check that you have a static page as your site’s homepage (you should have done this in the last video but we are double checking). From your WordPress dashboard, click on Appearance -> Customize -> Static Front Page. The button for Static Front Page Should be selected.

2) We also want to check that your permalinks are set up correctly. If this isn’t selected, appropriately your webpages will be given goofy names. Just click Settings -> Permalinks. “Post Name” should be selected.

3) OK Now let’s create a menu. Click on Appearance -> Menus.

4) Enter a menu name where is says “Menu Name” . . . I used “main menu” but it doesn’t matter what you use.

5) Now simply add the page you want on the menu by checking the page you want and clicking “add page to menu”. Click “Save Menu” to save. Note: If you check “Automatically add new top-level pages to this menu”, then every new page you create will be added to the menu. I don’t want that so I left it unchecked.

6) Now, for some templates (like the one we set up in the previous video) you will have to do another step to make your menu show up: Click on My Theme -> Layouts and Views. Under “Exchange Full Width” click on “Edit”.

7) On the next screen beside the “Navigation” option, click on Modify Settings. Beside “Navigation Type” Select “Main Menu” (or whatever you named your menu) in the dropdown box. Click on “Save” and then on “Save Layout”

Now you have a menu!