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Need More Customers? – 3 Rules of Client Behavior your Must Know

If you’re new to working with clients you might not realize that the most effective rules of customer behavior are counterintuitive. Understanding this psychology will dramatically affect your ability to get customers and grow your business.

These rules are not my own. They have been recognized by many people before me. BUT they are the ones I notice over and over again in running my businesses and working with clients for over 20 years.

An important caveat – you can take these rules TOO FAR. For instance, people value scarcity, but if you play games or play hard to get, they will simply go elsewhere. LIKE this video.

So, Matt’s three rules . . .

1) People Value Scarcity

When you first start getting clients or customers, you might be so eager to serve them that you make yourself as available as humanly possible. You say, in essence, “I’m available all day every day, when is good for you?”

Huge mistake.

One heuristic people use to gauge value is how difficult something is to obtain. This is why I always tell people to suggest a specific date and time for a meeting “I’m available at 3 on Thursday” rather than a broad availability “I’m available all weekend”.

It’s crucial to create scarcity around your availability, BUT at the same time, you must balance this with what your business actually offers. The most prestigious restaurant in town might be able to book reservations 6 months in advance but if you’re a high school cutting lawns, your customers will simply find someone else.

2) People Pay/Return for Value Perceived and how you make them feel NOT for Objective Value Offered

A lot of people who have not worked with clients long make the mistake of trying to offer EVERYTHING under the sun. They are so scared and anxious about keeping clients that they figure the best way to do this is the throw in every possible benefit. In essence they try to “prove themselves” to their clients.

Better is to concentrate on creating a positive experience for your customers that will keep them coming back over and over. A sense of calm security, rather than proving yourself, is the way to do this. Note: being cocky or haughty is NOT the same as calm security.

Don’t lie. Yes, you do need some objective value to offer. If you are training someone about facebook marketing, for instance, you should actually know how facebook marketing works. And ideally you should be really damn good at it. So I’m not suggesting you lie to your clients.

But just because you know about how marketing works, that doesn’t mean you have to force this knowledge down your client’s throat – or that it would do any good to do so. By coming off as overeager, you will almost certainly create a sense of neediness and low status. Whether it’s warranted or not.

Make your customers feel valued and at ease without coming of as needy and trying to throw the kitchen sink at them.

3) People You Bend Over Backwards For Cause the Most Trouble

This rule seems to be nearly universal, and unfortunate. The clients you help out are almost always the ones who create the most chaos. People don’t value what they don’t have to pay or work for – so, if you’re giving your services away for free, don’t be surprised when those same clients become demanding or hard to work with.

Remember – all of these rules can be taken too far. Don’t push your clients away, or fake your knowledge. Don’t come off as a jerk. Don’t refuse to help people when they really need it. It’s all about finding this balance and understanding that perceived value and objective value are often very different things.

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