If you want something done . . .

AchieveThere’s a saying, attributed by Google to Benjamin Franklin and Lucille Ball among others, “If you want something done, give it to a busy person.”

Has anyone else noticed this?

It’s amazing how on days I’m working I feel like a superhuman who can cram 50 tasks into my schedule…and then on my off days, stuff like “make a bowl of cereal” or “get out of your pajamas” take heroic amounts of willpower.

I’m reminded of a documentary I saw a couple years back about Richard Branson. At one point he’s stuck waiting for someone, and has the option of either waiting for a minute or going inside to look for this guy, and without missing a beat he says “Well let’s just go look around, at least then we’ll be moving.”

That’s all for today. Keep on moving on.

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