Know Your Customer or Lose Sales

(Case Study 1 – Part 1)Keep Your Customers by Knowing Them

Your customers are the lifeblood of your business. Learning how to market yourself online is crucial to attaining a solid customer base. 

In this case study, we’ll be helping Dr. Marc McLaughlin update his psychology¬†practice website and market himself to his community. Marc is a great psychologist, and he deserves a great clientele. He also has the distinct honor of being my older brother.

Beside introducing you to Marc’s website ( – I want to drive home an incredibly crucial point here: know your customers.

If you’re self-employed, learning how to get inside the mind of your customers and understand what they want is critical to your success – especially when it comes to online advertising and marketing.

Always Remember This

Now always remember this: when building a website, or really anything else in your business, don’t start with your toolbox and then market to your customers, figure out who your customers are and then reverse engineer back to your toolbox! (I’ll be covering exactly what this means for your online marketing in future videos.)

There are a few questions you can ask to help you figure out your customer:

  • How did or will they find me? Google? A recommendation? Facebook? An e-mail newsletter? Radio or TV or Print Ads?
  • What state of mind are they in? Do they want to party? Are they hungry for food? Are they anxious and/or depressed?
  • What question or problem of theirs can I solve?

An Instant Authority

All of these questions are important, but this last one is really crucial. You have about 5 or so seconds to impress a visitor to your site. If you can answer their question in those 5 seconds – or at least tell them what their question is – then you’ll be an authority in their book, and they are much more likely to stay on your site.

Whatever your business is, ask yourself these questions – you must figure out your customer! We’ll apply this knowledge in the next post.

Watch the video below:


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