Make Your Own Pro Website Fast and Easy

Update: For the full list of tutorial videos on this topic, click here.

I get asked a lot how I build my websites, either from No Boss Ninja readers or through those using my Music Studio Success program, so I thought I’d present everything in video form.

The video below shows you how I can go from nothing to having my own website in under 10 minutes! I’ve also included notes on the process below the video, in case you think I move too quickly (I go pretty fast). Enjoy!

I use and love as my host.

Video Notes – Steps to getting up and running fast:

1) Click the link above to access siteground. (Or just click here.)

2) Find a Domain Name the Works for you and is available. (This may take some trial and error and brainstorming.)

3) Find the appropriate plan for you. (If you’re starting small is probably just fine)

4) Enter your info and pay – Now you have your own site!

5) Go to the customer area and click on my accounts – then click on CPanel. (Yes, you want to access CPanel securely if you’re given the option.)

6) From CPanel, under auto-installers, click on “WordPress”

7) Click on Install. On this screen update the Username, Password, E-mail, etc. that you’d like to use and click “Install”.

8) Once WordPress Installs, click on “Administrative URL” – note: this takes you to the login page for your WordPress Account – this is www.[yoursitename]/wp-login.php. For example:

9) Enter the login info you just created to access the WordPress dashboard – now you’re ready to build your site!

10) Click on “Appearance” and select a theme (click “activate”). You can always go back and change a theme to try out different ones. Then click on “Appearance” again and “Customize”. From here you can change your site title and tag-line, as well as determine whether you want a “Static” front page or a Blog that displays latest posts. In this video I use a “static” front page. Click on “Save and Publish.

11) Now we will create our front page: click on “Pages” and “Add New.” From here you can enter a Page Title and start to fill in text for your front page.

12) If you want to add a picture to your page, click on “Add Media” and upload a photo from your computer.

13) After you’ve filled out your page a bit, make sure you click on “Publish”.

14) To make sure your page displays as the default front page, click on “Settings” in the left menu bar and then “Reading”. Select “static page” at the top, and then select the page you just created from the drop down menu. Make sure you “Save Changes.”

So there you have it – you’re online! If you load up (or reload) your website in a different browser, you should see your front page along with the changes you’ve made.

Of course there is a lot of fleshing out to do, which I’ll be covering in different videos, but you’re well on your way if you’ve gotten this far.  Please stay tuned for a more extensive tutorial and happy webpage building!

Visit my host here.