MWM 11: Costa Rica Travel Tips with Matt and Carlos

UPDATE: In this podcast we advise using dollars everywhere and not exchanging your money. I (Matt) have since learned that in a few cases places will not take dollars…or it is inconvenient for them. But this has been by far the exception rather than the rule. Even when I only had dollars earlier today, a shop worker was glad to exchange colones out of his pocket so I could make a purchase.

I’ve been light on posts this week because my friend Carlos and I have been traveling all around Costa Rica! It’s a beautiful country with friendly people and I love it here.

In this podcast Carlos and I discuss a few things you might want to know about Costa Rica. The crazy driving, great beaches, and some other travel tips for the gringo visitors like myself.

The audio quality in this podcast is very bad because we are driving in an older car on a very beat up dirt and rock road between beaches on the West Coast. But enjoy it still!

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