MWM 14: Focused Creativity, Self Acceptance, and the TRAP of Negative Motivation

This is Mornings With Matt EPISODE 14

2015 was a year of BIG changes for me, and in 2016 my main focus is to go deeper and more focused in my creative pursuits while also coming from a healthier place of more self-acceptance. I talk about viewing each aspect of my life from the creative standpoint – trying to make something very important to myself.

This also means coming from a place of self-acceptance and creativity instead of negative motivations like trying to please others, be “good enough”, and so on.

View some of my other current projects:

Piano Lessons in Austin

Austin Piano Festival:

Piano Blog:

(As a note – in this episode I do correct this but please don’t get the wrong imprssions that Austin Piano Festival was only my project – there are a ton of amazing people in this organization of which I am only one part.)

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