Mornings with Matt 4: My Insomnia Cure, Or How I Try to Get a Better Night’s Sleep

I’ve had trouble sleeping my whole life – lots of trouble! But over the years I’ve found some ways to get a better night’s rest, and at least partially cure my insomnia.

One common theme that used to come up for me was that when I had trouble sleeping, the sleep hygiene advice I’d usually get simply wasn’t any good. In fact sometimes it would make my trouble sleeping worse!

In this episode I discuss: sunlight therapy and resetting circadian rhythms, melatonin, ear plugs and white noise, blackout curtains, and what I do on those nights I simply can’t get to bed.

Some Program Notes with Links to Stuff I mentioned:

The Insomnia Answer was the book I read that helped me understand my insomnia in a much better way than most other books…not “Sleep Solutions” or whatever I was saying.

Getting outside first thing in the morning has really helped my insomnia. I also own a blue light Philips goLITE that seems to have some good effects. Although I can’t recommend a product I don’t use myself, this Wake-Up Light seems pretty cool.

I have a Holmes HEPA Filter that I use for white noise at home. For me, this provides better white noise than some other things I’ve tried. During travel, I have a Marpac Sound Machine that is a life saver because you can travel with it!

For whatever reason, I could swear that some melatonin brands and dosages work better for me than others. What works for me the best seems to be Natrol Melatonin. Your mileage may vary. I am not a doctor and can’t offer medical advice!!

I cannot sleep without my Ear Plugs and Breathe Right Strips. Yes I look crazy but it helps!

I’ve also taken to making sure my room is very dark. If you have never tried this you might be suprised at how bright your room is, especially if you live by a lot of city lights like me. I use Best Home Fashion Thermal Insulated Blackout Curtains although really any brand is great as long as you’re getting out the light!

One thing I forgot to mention in the podcast- EAT. Contrary to what everyone else seems to do. I find that having some carbs before bed helps me sleep. And alcohol actually tends to perk me up an hour or so after I drink it (I think it’s my body metabolizing it). So go figure. Judge for yourself!

Anyway that’s about it for now – I’m sure I forgot to mention a few things but enjoy the podcast and sleep tight!

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