Never Give Up

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Today was a pretty lazy day in Austin – with heat being just bearable enough to walk outside – so we walked to one of the most beautiful views of the city.

The above photo was actually taken a few months ago, and astonishingly more buildings have been constructed since.

There’s more to this spot though. Not only can you see the magnificently expanding city that Austin’s becoming, you can watch the kayakers and water-boarders paddle down the river, and you can check out the latest bridge graffiti.

Yes. One thing I love about this view is the graffiti on the bridge. Fitting for this blog, we have I’ve Got NinjaStyle:

I’ve Got NinjaStyle

And then my most favorite – an inspirational message for all of Austin:

Never Give Up
Never Give Up

If you can’t see it clearly, that’s a picture of PacMan being chased by three ghosts, and the words Never Give Up.

And that’s my only message today: Never Give Up! 

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  1. So beautiful….you are lucky to live in such a great place. With even messages on railroad bridges to “never give up!”

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