Structure – 1

Willpower can get us into a lot of trouble. It’s an elusive thing. It has extreme influence when used correctly, but it can also quickly dissipate. It is our greatest asset but in many ways highly overrated. Our freedom as humans comes from our free will; our ability to focus

How To Take The Easy Way Out

I’m obsessively productive and can often feel guilty if I’m not moving forward. In this respect, my mornings are almost never a problem. You’d be surprised to know this because if you saw me I’m a big ball of grump in those wee early hours before the afternoon, but in

A Morning Routine That Works

Developing a morning routine seems to be a big deal these days . . it’s something I’m working at integrating into my life. One issue I encounter repeatedly though are morning routines that seem completely counterproductive. A lot of what I hear, for instance, seems so insanely time consuming that

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Planning my day ahead of time

In the last post, I mentioned the habit of planning my day the evening (or day) beforehand. This is one of the most high-power ways I’ve found to create a sense clarity and purpose in my life. It takes very little time and it let’s you hit the ground running

Doing Nothing at All – 3

Confusion, complacency, and dissillusionment One thing I’m working on a lot lately is clearing up confusion in my life. Not confusion in general, which is a pretty much my norm,  but  confusion around hierarchy: what is important and what isn’t. Like everyone else, I have way too many “inputs” and

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