8 Reasons you Can’t Stay on Top of Things

Why you can't stay organized.1. You don’t prioritize.

Successful people don’t try to do everything. They look for the the most important thing that only they can do and focus only on that.

2. You don’t have an organized task list.

Speaking of this, most people suck at keeping their tasks organized. This takes up enormous mental space and energy and leaves them feeling directionless and sapped of energy. Here’s how I manage my tasks by the way.

3. You multitask. 

In most situations, it’s far more efficient to focus on one task until that task is over (or until you need a break), than to try to do more than one thing at a time. The idea that you’re getting more done while multitasking is an illusion. Pick one thing and get to work, then move on to the next.

4. You rely on willpower.

Willpower comes in limited quantities and is highly unreliable. The highest achievers find ways to hold themselves accountable for the tasks that really matter.

5. You lie to yourself about how much time you have.

You can’t do everything, so stop trying. Do what’s important.

6. You lie to yourself about how much time you don’t have.

You can make time to go to the gym and keep yourself organized, so stop lying to yourself. Those 2 hours of television can wait. If you have a hard time willing yourself to do this, check out number 4 above.

7. You don’t have a morning routine.

If you start your day by checking your e-mail and reading the news for an hour, you’re doing it all wrong. Get a morning routine already.

8. You let things go unresolved that create drag.

What have you been putting off? Do you need to make a phone call and get something off your chest? Do you need to come clean about something? How about stick up for yourself in some area? Or how about just cleaning your damn house? This sort of stuff is creating enormous drag whether you know it or not. Make a list of these things and take care of them right now.

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