Resources I Can’t Live Without

There are simply some things you can’t live without – at least if you’re a self-employed entrepreneur. Below are some items and services I use constantly – you might find them useful as well:

Online Tools:

My websites – If you don’t have a website for your business(es) you need one! Click here to learn how I make mine in under 10 minutes. – Siteground has become my host of choice after several lukewarm experiences with other providers. If you feel moderately comfortable with this sort of thing, setup of services like wordpress is a cinch with this service. – I use Elance often when there are tasks others can do better than me. This includes all sorts of graphics work (think, banners for your site, logos, etc.), as well as some behind the scenes programming and web design that I’m not so great at. – Snappages is my favorite tool for generating a website with very little hassle. If you’re a novice at website design, you’ll find their interface¬†very easy to use. This is perfect if you’re less experienced and want to create a professional looking web presence for your business. – I use Canva all the time to general professional looking banners and graphics. I love it!


No time to read? Try while you walk or run!

There are books every entrepreneur should read. Including . . .

Ogilvy on Advertising – The examples and some of the advice are outdated, but the principles are priceless.

Think and Grow Rich – There’s a mystical spin in some parts of this book that doesn’t resonate with me BUT the overall principles are sound and it can be incredibly motivational.

The 4-Hour Workweek – While some of Tim Ferris is controversial, the value in this book is examining his overall approach towards life, especially in finding ways to work efficiently, automate, and maximize results.

The 80/20 Principle
The 80/20 Principle – Like the Four Hour Workweek, not necessarily applicable in all areas, but a great read in terms of underlying philosophy.