Staying on Top of It All

OrganizationMy biggest roadblock when staying organized is actually having a system I can trust. Things seem OK, and then I’ll leave a random post-it note to myself that doesn’t make it into the system. Before I know it, I’m spending my days watching Game of Thrones reruns and subsisting on Cheese Puffs.

So here’s the new daily “stay on top of things” routine. It’s been hard at first but I think I’ve made some serious headway.

E-mail Zero (omg I have 3 important e-mail accounts…) ->

Important Dates Check (e.g. Rent, Bill Payments etc.)->

Calendar Check (including my BIG calendar) ->

Evernote entries/ordering/review ->

Deferred and Waiting Check (e.g. for someone to get back to an e-mail)

Daily Goal Reminders and Affirmations ->

And all of this culminates in the grand finale . . .

A Daily Plan

What’s your system? This is mine…at least for now. I’ll let you know how it goes.

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