Task Management and Productivity

The No Boss Ninja Guide to Task Management

This is hub for several posts I’ve written (and will continue to write) on my own task management system. While task management and productivity aren’t exactly glamorous topics, I enjoy thinking about them because they can alleviate so much stress and pressure in my life. I want to emphasize that these ideas are mostly not my own, just my own adaptation of some things I’ve picked up. In particular from the work of David Allen.

I’ve taken the liberty of loosely structuring past posts in the order of steps you might take. I didn’t write them for that intention so I’ll trust you to do something thinking and connecting the dots yourself:

1) If you’re new to these posts, you’ll want to start here to get an overview.

2) Now take the time to get everything out of your head and onto paper.

3) After that you need to start dividing those things into groups.

4) And then divide even more so you have separate lists.

5) It might sound weird, but make sure you have a list for stuff you’ll probably never do.

6) Now review the first step again, because you’ll need to make some lists you can constantly check and update . . . using evernote, a simple text editor, or even just pieces of paper. Whatever works for you!

7) By the way, make sure you find the balance that works for you.

Now that your brain is free. Go get some work done or just go enjoy your day.




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