Website Resources and Help

Hi Readers!

I’ve compiled this page as a sort of go-to resource for anyone building their own website. This will bring together all of my other pages and videos centered around this topic. As always my usual disclaimer that some links below may be affiliate. I only include links to sites I find valuable myself.

How to build a website 

Start here if you want to know how to get started with your own site in under ten minutes.

Hosting and Domain Names

I’ve used various hosting and domain services in the past, and many of them are not so great. I absolutely love SiteGround – the webpage you’re reading is hosted on them in fact. If you want to read a broader hosting review, click here.

The NBN Resource Page

I’ve made a couple pages in the past with various resources surrounding business building and website design. In particular check out the No Boss Ninja resources page.

Website Building and Advertising

Most of the posts below feature videos of yours truly discussing aspects of website building and advertising:

How To Get Your Local Business Seen Online

How To Structure Your Business For Maximum Search Rank

Using Meta Tags to Get Your Small Business Seen Online

Online Marketing Saved My Local Business (less how-to than the others!)

Coming Soon

Within the next week I’ll be posting two videos – a fairly extensive tutorial on how I set up a new WordPress site on SiteGround as well as another video dealing with how a good website is structured. This last video will be geared especially towards those of you setting up your own business websites.