What I’ve Learned in One Month of Meditation

RelaxTomorrow concludes the first month of my 12-month habit challenge. I can’t believe I’ve meditated (almost) every day of the last month.

I’ve learned this: meditation only works for me when I’m in the right state.  Some days it’s complete torture to sit still for even 30 seconds, while others it’s a pleasure to go for 30 minutes.

On my “antsy” days, I might want to dance around, or journal, or read some philosophy. And what’s wrong with that? All of these are meditations in their own way – they can clear and focus the mind.

So, on top of adding another habit next month, I’ll be modifying this one (as allowed for in the initial rules). Something like this will do: “I will meditate or engage in some other reflective activity for at least 5 minutes every day.”

Anyway, I’m off to meditate.

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