Why I Live Simply

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I tend to live very simply. I’m not against material things, it’s just that I like simplicity so I can focus on what matters to me.

You might find this makes you a lot happier.

For example:

Simple clothes – in fact I hate to shop.
Simple house – I live well under my means.
Simple car – I choose a car that will last a long time with minimum repairs.

Why? Here are a few reasons:

1) I’m not that interested. I find fancy stuff and showing off boring. I’m way more interested in learning, art, creating stuff.

2) Simplicity means a streamlined life and thought processes. It let’s me focus on what really matters, and on what I can create.

3) I’m going to die. My theory is people clutter their lives with “stuff” they don’t need so that they can avoid focusing on important stuff. Why? Because when they focus on important stuff they have to admit they’ll lose it some day. Coming to grips with my mortality lets me live simply.

4) You know who your friends are. You’ll find out about who likes you for who you are.

5) Stress and flexibility. If you live below your means in a non-cluttered way, you never have to worry about money, what other people think, and so on. Plus because you have extra resources and time, you can focus things that interest you, new projects, and things like that.

To be clear: I’m not suggesting you should live like a slob. I still respect myself, clean up, exercise, and all that. It’s just that I keep things simple.

Maybe you’ll enjoy trying out this lifestyle too.

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