You Need to Feel Success to Be Successful

Sometimes it’s not enough to want success, you have to feel it.

A lot of big goals take time. It’s not just delayed gratification. It’s delayed gratification with lots of hard stuff in between.

Every once in a while though, if you watch for it, life will give you a little kick. Something great, however small, will happen. Don’t ignore it, because it’s a clue you’re on the right path.

  • You’re struggling to lose some weight, and you notice your pants aren’t quite so tight.
  • You’ve blogged for months without much success. Suddenly someone leaves a comment.
  • You’ve had a lot of anxiety lately, but for a few minutes after meditation you get a sense that “life is good”.
  • You have a day when you feel unusually upbeat or energetic.

These are all little things. Nothing huge. But they are something, and here’s the trick: Instead of just letting these things vanish, we can use them to feel what it’s like to be successful. Sit on these feelings. Imagine what it feels like for this to be the norm. And let that fuel you to take the steps to make it that way.

As long as you don’t give up, these moments are a glimpse into your future. That’s your ticket – don’t just want that life down the road, feel it right now and act.

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